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Dating Scam Services
Ready To Get Serious??

Make Your Scammer Famous
Make The Thief Sweat ☻

You Can Fight Back

We Offer An Individualized Handmade Webpage Site
With Matching URL With Your Scammers Name

You Write The Content, You Choose Photos
You Control All Content In The Site
We Design And Maintain The Site

Much Easier Exposing Filthy Scammers When You
Can Post A Webpage Instead Of Getting Your
Posts Deleted. 

What We Offer....

1 Page Scammer Expose Site Hosted
1 Time Cost Of Site Design - $25

(includes 1 Free Page Editing)
1 Yr. Custom Domain - $10 yr. (you keep)

Domain SSL For A Secure Site - Free
Monthly Maintenance $3 mo. or $28 yr.

(basically sharing in hosting/server costs)

includes: SEO Setup, Google Search Indexing Setup,
Site SSL Setup (Secure Site), DNS Setup, Photos Optimized,

Free Site Email Address
Setup For Facebook Crawl At Setup $5...later $10
One Time Page Editing, Photos, etc (after 1st free)  $10

We Accept Paypal

Other Covert Options, We Do Not Post In Public ☻

Interested ? Drop Us A Note
We Can Have A Live Site In 1 week

The Below Sites And Expose Campaign Took An
Obscure Thieving Radio DJ From A Nobody To Republic
Of Serbia's #1 Most Famous Dating Scammer


Our Personal Expose Sites in Google Search.

Ranking #1 or #2 in Search Results For That

Name Search... Any Search For Her Leads To Me

Hard To Hide From That ☻☻

Mobile Above

AnkaSara.com #1 In Search Results

Her Own Instagram Page Is Below It

Name Used For Modeling, FB And Instagram

Desktop Below

LOCK EM UP.... lol

Make Em Sweat !!!!!

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