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Dating Scam
Scammer Reporting
And Posting Guide

Here Are The Posting Guidelines
And General Reporting Information

And The Report Form

Please Read Before Submitting
A Love Fraud Scammer Report

Reporting Is A Serious Thing
Take It As Such, Please

Important Note: All Reports Must Be In English. Reports Will Be Compiled In English. Poor Or Broken English Is OK and 100% Acceptable Or You Can Use Google To Translate, Please Just Do The Best You Can Telling Your Story.

1- All postings must be the "Actual Name Of The Scammer" that used their own photos for the scam. No Fake Photos, No Fake Names.
2- No mention of names of any children or children in photos
3- Scammer must be 18 years old minimum.
4- No fully nude photos, that includes breasts. We do not want Google
search XXX rating. 
5- We will not post scammers home address, only city/town/country
6- All Posts include an individual page and country page listing
7- You May Submit 4 Scammer photos
8- You may also provide any pertinent photos such as wire transfer receipts or conversation clips. Limit 4. ( If You Need More That Is Ok)
9- Please size photos to 1MB or less 
(we will optimize all photos)
10- If you have a scammer expose site or links to other
reports on the scammer, we will happily insert the links.

(If you add more reports later, send a change request, we will add links)
11- Please answer all questionaire parts and you must submit
1 photo minimum, clearly showing scammers face.
12- You must provide a valid email for confirmation
(email used to send photos will serve as confirmation email)
13- We will use only your first name and country in the report
14- Your email address will never be made public or shared

General Reporting Notes:

Note about reporting... we all use a VPN but we must insist
in this case your "IP address" and reported "country" match.
Reports using location hiding apps will be rejected. 

If you have any reporting questions please drop us a note at
<> we will respond ASAP

By submitting the posting you are agreeing to take full
responsibility for the content of your report and you have read The

Reporting Guidelines Provided and understand the guidelines. accepts no responsibility for content posted by patrons.
We DO NOT edit posted reports, we post your report exactly as submitted.

Editing Reports: If your Report Contains any information
we feel is inappropriate to post. We will reject the report
and send you a message to resubmit the report edited
without the issues in question. It Is A Legal Issue.

We DO NOT edit reports.

Changes and Removal Of Your Report:

Your Report Is 100% Your Property.
You May Edit, Add Or Remove Content To Your Report

Anytime Or Request A Full Removal.
Submit Changes To..<>
Requests MUST Come From Your "Verified Email Address" with
"Change Request or Removal and Scammer Name" in subject line.

Changes Can take up to 1 week to be implemented. Please be patient.

Again...We Do Not Edit Reports

We Do Not Make Changes Without a Change Request.

Scammer Love Fraud
Report Form

Please Send Photos To:
Scammer Name/Country In "Subject" Line

We Share Your Name And Contact Information With Nobody

Your Report Will Be Copied, Compiled And Posted. Your Email Will Only Used If We Need To Contact You Personally And To Notify You The Report Is Live.

(If You wish to subscribe to Dating Scam Journal Notifications, You Must Fill Out The Subscribe Form Here)

Scammer's Photos, minimum 1, maximum 4 photos
 (1 Clearly Showing Face) All photos should be 1MB maximum (we will further optimize photos).

Supporting Photos, Wire Transfer Receipts,
Conversation Clips, etc, 4 Photos.

(If Needed This Limit Is Flexible For More Photos)

Here Is A Report As An Example And Guide

This Is What Your Report Will Look Like
Click Here 

It may be easier if your written text story is long, to compile it in Wordpad etc. and paste to the form below.

There is no limit on written Text Stories.
Minimum 100 Words, Please.

Please note, again, we DO NOT make Text Edit Corrections.
Check your Report for errors before submitting it, please.

Report will be posted as received.

Posting Procedure :
What Happens After You Submit Your Report???

We will send you an email confirmation that we received your photos and that your report is being compiled.

You will then be sent a "Report Is Live" email when your report is on the site along with the "Page Url" To View Your Report And Share The Link. Please Be Patient, Usually Within 72 Hours, but at times may take up to 1 week.

We index pages and photos with search engines the day the pages are compiled. The "Report Is Live" email will have instructions on how to view your report and posted photos live on search engines. 

Please Answer All Of The Form Fields Below

Thanks For Filing Your Report With Dating Scam