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Serbian Bajina Basta Celebrity DJ Exposed As
A Prostitute And Dating Scammer

Special Report

Serbian Disc Jockey Exposed As a Sociopath

December 15, 2019
Bajina Basta, Serbia

Anka Sara Zecevic, Disc Jockey at Fan Radio 94.7. Exposed as a Psychopath Dating Scammer Thief, Manipulator, Extreme Pathological Liar And Sofia Prostitute.

Reports From USA, Serbia and Her Home Town of Bajina Basta Portray A Horrible Woman Stealing From People For 17 Years. Most Recently A Disabled Man. A Woman Using Her Son To Steal Who Emotionally Derstroys Her Victims.

Back Online After Several Years Hiding From Victims And Court Suits. She Is Back With A New Fake Scam Makeup Modeling Act At Instagram.
Caution This is a Dangerous Woman

And Extreme Predator.

Do Not Trust This Woman !!!!!

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