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Scammer Reporting And
Scammer Information


1- Dirty Scam, an excellent Scammer Reporting site
we highly recommend that indexes with Google Search
Results with a photo and individual scammer listing page
( Dirty Scam example below indexed on Page 1)
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2- Xhamster, Famous XXX site with photo galleries and loads
of traffic. Photos do not have to be XXX and it is a great
place to expose scammers to their home country. Placing
scammer links to photos will get your page lots of visits.
As well, Xhamster being a main XXX site, other sites will
pick up the information, creating many more indexed pages,
pointing to your pages, usually the posts include photos.
Giving your scammer lots of exposure and no work for you.
Our Results Posting at Xhamster Have Been Excellent.
We Have had 25,000 views and many visits to our expose pages.
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3- Scam Counteracted. Scammer Reporting
Reports are long lists and small on pages. But they
index with Google and show high in search results.
Pages show in Search when scammers name is searched.
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4- Romance Scams Now - SCARS. SCARS considers
themselves the premier anti Romance Scam Group out
there. They offer many servces, including counseling.
They have  a Tremendous Scammer Database but no
indexing of individual scammers online, so little exposure. 
While I disagree with many of their ways of dealing
with victims, having experienced it with them myself.
They have lots of valuable information for victims
and are well worth taking a look at their site and reporting
your scammer to their database. 
Click To Romance Scams Now 

5- Report Scam. has a special area for
Dating Scams. they have about 2400 reports. It can be
difficult to locate a scammer there.,
But they are indexed with Google search results.
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If you need any assistance drop us a note at


**Posting Scammer Love Fraud Reports On Social Media
And Experiences Doing Such:

This can be difficult because success is dependent on
not being reported for Terms of Service Violations.
That Said........

We have found that Social Media Page Ads, although in
direct Terms Of Service Violations can bring tens of thousands
of people to your scammer reports. It is just incredible. Especially
if such ads are targeted at a small town where the person is known.

But you do so at the possible peril of your social media accounts.
Social Media Ads to Expose Scammers must be set up in a
specific way to get you past the Initial Site, Advertising Platform Checks. 
Once approved, it is nothing but fun from there, lol. 

On most platforms, including most site building platforms
it is a "Terms Of Service" violation to use their software to make
such sites or attempt to credibly expose Dating Scammers.
I was removed from my Webflow Account for my Expose Sites.
Everyone Protects The Thieves And You Are Deemed A Bully.
You get your account removed, the thief finds new victims.

Exposing a Dating Scammer can be a very frustrating experience.

Exposing on Social Media is truly a covert operation with its
inherent pitfalls. But it can be accomplished by taking caution
not to use the algorythm red flag key words and keeping
things general enough to not attract attention.

The key is making visitors curious about what is going on so they
click the links to your page while keeping your social media expose
page from being red flagged. You will usually get a few warnings
before your Social Media Accounts are removed. The warnings are
usually about a specific post or photo, you can then remove the post
in question and continue. I was suspended from FB 4 times for "scammer"
on photos, but the page was never shut down. 

My First Scammer Expose Page I made The Mistake Of Putting
"Scammer" in the title. It was removed when I posted her photo
with Devil Ears because a friend of hers reported me. Facebook
unpublished the page sending me a note that the page was in
"Community Standards" violation for bullying. I was given the option
to leave the site unpublished or remove the content in question.
There was no other issue, I was not suspended, nothing. 
I made a new page and was a bit more cautious and the page is
still live now, 4 years later. 

Instagram Pages are not red flagged as fast as pages on Facebook. But it
is difficult to really spread the word about anything without thousands of
followers. I have read where people have set up pages and followed people
from said scammers personal Instagram page. Thus putting the scammer
page in front of known interested parties. I would think that following too
many people on a new account at Instagram would attract attention.
So you might want to start out slowly. Again, the key is not getting reported.

While we DO NOT write reports for patrons as they must be
compiled in your own words.
We are happy to assist and offer advice on ways to set
up to expose your Scammer with Social Media.

Below Are Search Examples From Other Sites


Once You Begin Getting Out The Story It

Spreads All Over The Internet

If You Know Of Any Good Scammer And Scammer

Reporting Sites Let Us Know @