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Welcome To Dating Scam. We Specialize In Exposing Dating Scammers Who DO NOT Use Fake Photos. Scammers Who Know Authorities Will Do Nothing And Use Their Real Identities Without Fear Of Prosecution Or Consequence.

The Internet Had Great Potential To Bring People Together From Different Sides Of The Planet. But Sadly Like Everything Else, There Will Always be The Con Artist Criminals Looking To Take Advantage Of Someones Good Heart.

Photos You See On This Site Are Real Scammers.
We Only Accept Reports On Actual Scammers.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter All Allow Use Of Their Platfom By These Sociopath Narcissistic Criminals To Find A Never Ending 
Supply Of New Victims.
Yet Remove All Open Efforts To Expose And Stop Them.
It Is Total Insanity.
Government Agencies Are Not Interested In Prosecutions Unless It Is Millions Of Dollars And Creates Big News Reports Making It Look Like They Are Actually Doing Something About The Problem. Which They Are Not !!!

People Exposing Scammers Become Online Outlaws. Forced Underground To Simply Expose Thieving Criminals. While The Actual Scammer Thieves, Continue Unabated. Protected By Their Home Governments Privacy Laws And The Same Social Media Platforms They Use To Steal And Destroy Innocent Peoples  Lives.
It Is Far Easier To Be The Scammer Thief, Than The Victim Trying To Stop It.

This Site Has Very Few Posting Restrictions.
Tell The Truth About Your Experience
Credible Patron Reports Will Be Permanently
Added To Our Scammer Report Pages.
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Each Report receives an "Individual Scammer Page Report", A dedicated web address to their Personal Scammer Report. A listing on their Home Country list and Fully Indexed Photos with Google and all search engines. Which will put your scammers name and photos indexed in Worldwide Internet Search Results....

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SCAMMER DEFINITION: The Urban Dictionary

"One who does everything in his/her power to steal from another, usually by means of trickery and deceit.

With the accesibility and anonymity that the internet provides, scammers have become increasingly prevalent in modern times.

Usually driven by personal greed or even outright amusement, they are unhindered by sympathy or morals and are the very face of human corruption."

"The Very Face Of Human Corruption"

In This Site...You Will See Those Faces


"Love Fraud" Is The Intentional Exploitation Of Someone Through Manipulating Emotions And Trust In A Personal Relationship.

The Exploitative Relationship Is Frequently Romantic.

People Who Engage In Love Fraud Are SOCIOPATHS....

"Damaging Someones Good Character With Lies"

Key Words....... "Lies"....."Good Character"

"Lies" - The "Truth" Does Not Apply

"Good Character" -  Likely There Was None To Begin With

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A Few Of Our Latest International Reports

Site Dedication Scammer Report
Site Admin's Personal Scammer

Anka Sara Zecevic
Site Report #1
Bajina Basta, Serbia
DJ Fan Radio  94.7  FM
Report From USA
See All Serbia Reports
Anka Sara's Personal Full Report 
Dating Scam Special News Report

Scammer Report
Submitted By: Nina

John Doe
Site Report #2
Anywhere, Earth
Report From Siberia
See All (Anywhere) Reports
John Doe's Personal Full Report

Why File A Report With Us ??
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We Get Your Scammer Indexed Online Worldwide
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Or The Scammer Is Lost In A Database Of Scammers
Who Sees The Reports???....Nobody!!!

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Each Scammer Gets A Personal Report Page
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And Photos Also Indexed Worldwide

 It Is Much Easier To Expose A Love Fraud When You
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Google Search. Search Result Is On Page "1"

For The Scammers Name. It Works!!!

The Expose Campaign With This Person Took
Her From an Obscure Unknown Radio Station DJ
To Her Country's #1  Most Famous Dating Scammer

The Scammer Cannot Hide From Search Results

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